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Passport: Right to free movement


This is a sorry tale of how the bureaucrats refuse to move with the times and how citizens continue to be treated like slaves to them. Pass the buck is a standard practice and multiple officers are roped in to write file notings as a tactic to avoid fixing the accountability on any one individual. Worse, simple cases and applications are twisted in order to make them complex, forcing the citizen...

Why politics makes us petty!


Over the past one decade, I have met a few hundred people of all ages and professions who aspire to tread the political space from leadership positions. Disillusioned with the current political establishment, they see the formation of a new political party as a necessary precondition for India to come out of the rut and grow as a proud nation. When enough such driven and motivated people come...

Defence contracts – the biggest source of corruption


Kickbacks in defence deals alone can finance the entire politics of India! Have you ever wondered why we are importing everything from night vision goggles to a fighter plane from countries as small and militarily as insignificant as Sweden? Seventy years have gone by since we became independent but we do not manufacture bulletproof jackets, all weather boots, small armaments and regular...

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